The Q-STAFF PAGING SYSTEM alerts servers to kitchen needs or readiness, leaving them primarily available for their table service responsibilities. Great servers know that their time spent in the kitchen or bar is generally not time well spent, particularly if they are simply waiting over 90 seconds while their guests’ orders are completed.

Equipped with hassle-free Q-STAFF CRYSTAL BELT-CLIP, these same servers can spend more of their time pampering customers, allowing your food preparation team to use the Q-STAFF PAGING SYSTEM to notify a server’s attention to the kitchen at only the appropriate time. Our system alerts with a silent vibration so messages don’t disturb the server’s customer interactions. Servers also enjoy our versatile watch design or durable belt clips that reduces snags on clothing.

More importantly, this paging solution addresses critical managerial needs as well, with features like automatic escalation alerts so that managers are called to act when necessary.

Benefits Include:

  • Serve food warm and drinks cold
  • Eliminate reheats
  • Improve efficiency of food runners
  • Reduce labor expenses
  • Retain good servers with increased tips
  • Benefit from more customer-server interaction
  • Build better customer rapport
  • Smoother operations
  • Increase check averages
  • Technical Specifications:


  • Perfect for large area and multiple levels
  • Eliminates dead spots and costly repeaters

  • Q-TAFF Transmitter
  • Available in 12 or 24-Button Panels
  • Available in 12 or 24-Button Panels
  • Available in 12 or 24-Button Panels
  • Send up to 3 distinct vibration alerts
  • Tri-color server re-call lights for speed of service alerts
  • Cancel button enables the chef or server to cancel page
  • Duty alert
  • All-page feature

  • Q-STAFF Crystal Belt-Clip
  • Server and manager pagers work on a single transmitter
  • SMART Charging System
  • Duty alert feature for quick reminders
  • OneTouch paging feature alerts servers and managers

  • Unique System ID
    Rechargeable Battery
  • SMART Charging elminates over-charging and extends battery life

  • Application
  • Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, and Hospital