Provide guests the convenience of “on-demand” service with our Q-SERVE PAGING SYSTEM. When guests need service, they just press a button which in turn sends a silent message to an alphanumeric pager. It works in three-button mode, and each button can be programmed for a specific message (i.e. drink refill, check, manager, etc.). These units keep guests happier because they’re served faster and in turn your establishment sells more food and beverages. They also help maintain a high level of staff productivity.

It is very easy to install. Each table is mounted with a three button transmitter. When a guest requires a specific service, they press one of three buttons. The server sees the alert and responds, clearing the request table side. Service times are monitored because when a request exceeds the service time goal, a message is sent to the manager’s alphanumeric pager allowing him to respond if necessary.

Benefits Include:

  • Provides personalized service
  • Improves service response times
  • Increases table turns
  • Enhances customer service
  • Keeps servers responsive
  • Retain good servers with increased tips
  • Increase check averages
  • Retain great servers
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Technical Specifications:


  • Perfect for large Restaurant, Cafe or Bar
  • Wireless Paging System

  • Freequency: 400 - 450 MHz
  • Small and Simple Design
  • Battery Replaceable

  • Receiver
  • UHF Technology
  • SMART Charging System
  • Auto Backlight
  • Alert Mode Selectable (Vibe, Flash, Beep)
  • Top-view LCD Display

  • Weight: 120g
  • Stack-recharging method
  • Operate in FM mode in UHF
  • Dimension: W(109) x D(107) x H(15)

  • Unique System ID
  • Unique Base ID to eliminate overlapping messages with other establishments

  • Application
  • Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, and Hospital