Our discreet paging systems have been proven to raise profits by creating a tether between the establishments and waiting guests reducing walk-a-ways. Our pagers, or “beepers” as they are sometimes called, include the popular Q-FREE SYSTEM, Q-FREE ALL-IN-1 TX SYSTEM, Q-FREE PADDLE SYSTEM, and the Q-FREE CRYSTAL SYSTEM. All our pagers are extremely durable by design, light-weight, and come with a comprehensive warranty.

These pagers are guaranteed to enhance the overall guest experience by allowing you to seat more people quickly. Efficient service both at the hostess stand and at tables increases guest satisfaction and restaurant profitability from faster table-turns and improved overall output. Our guest pagers also offer restaurants an opportunity to generate interest and sales from available promotional space provided on each device.

Benefits Include:

  • Locate and identify guests faster
  • Reduce no-shows and walkaways
  • Quote accurate wait times
  • Seat and serve more people, more quickly
  • Establish commitment between your business and guest
  • Get rid of annoying PA noise
  • Reduce guest anxiety
  • Smoother operations
  • Technical Specifications:


  • UHF Technology (424 - 470 Mhz)
  • Perfect for large areas and multiple levels
  • Eliminates dead spots and costly repeaters

  • Desktop TX
  • Built-in Clock
  • Durable and sturdy to withstand industry conditions
  • Duty Alert
  • Auto Locate
  • Range Test
  • Selectable Pager Alert Mode
  • Out of Range
  • Pager Auto-slepp

  • Q-FREE Pager
  • Digital Number Display
  • SMART Charging system with own charger
  • Duty alert feature for quick reminders
  • Advertise with Label Sticker or Paddle Insert Sheet
  • All Pagers work on Single Transmitter Platform

  • Unique System ID
  • Unique Base ID to eliminate overlapping messages with other establishments

  • Application
  • Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, and Hospital